How did The Prisoner ever get made?

The mysterious ‘Village’, an evil weather balloon. As ‘The Prisoner’ turns 50, Matthew Sweet revisits one of TV’s strangest seriesIt’s a Friday night in September 1967. You’ve switched on ITV. What do you see? A sullen sky. A broad horizon. A road to nowhere. A wasp-coloured Lotus 7 roars towards the camera, past the landmarks of Whitehall and into an underground car park. The driver, a handsome fury in a charcoal-grey turtleneck and blazer, storms through a door marked “way out” and into the office of a superior, where he bellows and rants and disturbs the tea-things with his fist.You’ve probably seen him before. It’s Patrick McGoohan. The actor [ . . . ] More at source: How did The Prisoner ever get made?