Karine Polwart “The Whole of the Moon”

‘The Whole Of The Moon’ from Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook, released August 5th. Writer: Mike Scott, originally released in 1985 by The Waterboys

International Clash Day: Interview with Mike Scott of The Waterboys

With a sound that merges Celtic folk and ’60s rock, you may be surprised to learn that Mike Scott of The Waterboys cites The Clash as an early influence. In this exclusive International Clash Day interview, Scott tells KEXP about discovering The Clash, his song about Mick Jones, and the times he ran into Joe Strummer.

“Well, when I first heard The Clash I thought they sounded like The Glitter Band. And The Glitter Band was a British pop band who used to back Gary Glitter and they specialized in this kind of buzzy guitar sound, dull drums and “OH YEAH! OH YEAH!” kind-of vocals. And when I first heard The Clash doing “White Riot”, that’s what I thought they sounded like. But then I went deeper and I listened to the first Clash album. And slowly it had an electrifying effect on me. And unlike most Clash listeners I had never listened to The Ramones. I was never interested in the Ramones. And I realize now that The Clash really lifted about 50 percent of their sound from the first Ramones album, but I was blissfully unaware of that. And so to me that first Clash album is like a bolt from the blue. All those fantastic short, super fast songs. And then I went to see them live at Clouds in Edinburgh, which is a big disco, and they were the most incredible band I’d ever seen. Now, I’d seen The Rolling Stones, The Who. Lots of the great bands of rock as a teenager, but The Clash blew them all away. The energy of The Clash was so exciting and so dangerous and so unrestrained. And they were like an army on stage. Beautiful in their power.”
– Mike Scott | Read Full Interview at KEXP Website

Japanese fiancee of Waterboys frontman Mike Scott faces obscenity charges in her homeland 

The “vagina artist” fiancee of Waterboys frontman Mike Scott has been convicted of obscenity charges in Japan.

Megumi Igarashi, 44, Japan’s self-proclaimed “vagina artist”, escaped a prison sentence over her controversial artworks and was fined just over £2,500.

Igarashi, who is known as Rokudenashiko or ‘Good for nothing girl’, has created works such as a Lady Gaga model and a full-sized kayak modelled on her private parts.

Scott, 57, whose hits include The Whole of the Moon, met Igarashi for the first time in 2014, when a campaign to protest against her arrest by Tokyo police on obscenity charges caught his attention after gaining widespread international publicity.

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