The Curious Case of the Middle Earth Club in London’s Covent Garden

Middle Earth Club

There are several sights and locations in the marvelous city of London that yours truly is fond of paying a visit whenever he is there, one of which is an impressive-looking building in the heart of the Covent Garden district that ought to be of interest to all you lovers of late-60s British rock music who prefer a bit of rock ‘n’ roll sightseeing whenever you travel. Now, before we go any further, let me just point out that this short essay merely serves as a reminder of the fact that there are countless cool music-related sights to see in the great city of London and that one will often come across them in the popular and well-frequented areas of the metropolis too. This time around we shall focus on what was once known as the Middle Earth Club, which was located at 43 King Street in Covent Garden. Many legendary and hugely influential acts played there during 1967 and 1968, some of which include Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Graham Bond Organization, Fairport Convention, The Pretty Things, and several other noteworthy bands and artists of a certain renown. Pioneering six-string wizard and Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page was insanely active as a session musician on the London circuit prior to his astronomical career with Zeppelin but he was also a pivotal member of The Yardbirds between 1966 and 1968.

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