A “One Hit Wonder” with 5 Different Bands

By Johnny Foreigner

No true Hobbledehoy can resist the pop sugar-high of Edison Lighthouse’s “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” (1970).
British session musician Tony Burrows sang lead on that delicious single with the band Edison Lighthouse.  Burrows also sang the lead vocals on several other “one-hit wonder songs” under different group names, including White Plains‘ “My Baby Loves Lovin'”; the Pipkins‘ classic ear-worm “Gimme Dat Ding”; and Brotherhood of Man’s “United We Stand”. These hit songs were all recorded within nine months of each other, but were all released around the same time in early 1970.

Burrows sang lead on a 5th “one hit wonder” in 1974 with The First Class’ “Beach Baby”.

Tony Burrows: Five “One Hit Wonders” and a lifetime of great hair.

Ear worm-iest ear worm of all time

In 1969, Reg Dwight, who would later become famous as Elton John, was an office boy at Mills Music, the London music publishing house. It was Elton John who recorded the original demo for “United We Stand.”

First Time Hearing … this is as sweet as the song!