Life in a Paper Boat – Kate Rusby

Life in a Paper Boat  is Kate Rusby’s fifteenth studio album. By now, fans of the South Yorkshire singer know what to expect; impeccably sung songs, both composed and traditional, in tasteful settings that respect both the material and the singer.This is not to say that Life in a Paper Boat plays completely safe – far from it. The album’s soundscape is subtly different from what listeners of Rusby have, perhaps, been used to. The accompaniments are more full bodied and atmospheric with washes of keyboard and strings that serve to accompany Rusby’s voice without drowning it in too much electronica […]

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Kate Rusby: Life in a Paper Boat 

Kate demonstrates that her artistry is constantly evolving on an album that’s both refreshing and stimulating: not an easy trick to pull off.

It’s that time of the year again, and with the welcome inevitability of such things here’s a brand new Kate Rusby offering to brighten up those dark, dismal days of the encroaching winter. But let’s not get too cosy and predictable, or jump to conclusions… for I’m aware that there are listeners (even among her admirers) who’ve felt that Kate’s music has stayed contentedly still, resting on a comfortable plateau over the past few years. Time to wake up, then – for Life In A Paper Boat, which happens to be Kate’s 14th studio album, provides conclusive proof that Kate’s artistry is constantly evolving too.

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