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Folk Show: Episode 38 Playlist

00:00 Kitty Macfarlane – Seventeen
03:51 Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith – Hawks Call
07:15 Norma Waterson – Black Muddy River
11:26 Kevin McSherry – All By The Quay
15:59 Karan Casey – Sixteen Come Next Sunday
19:59 Shooglenifty & Dhun Dhora – A’Bhriogais Uallach
25:44 Assynt – Conal McDonagh’s
29:05 The Breath – All That You Have Been
33:29 Rusty Shackle – Sam Hall
37:08 Solasta – The 5/8 Set
43:39 Niall Hanna – Erin’s Lovely Home
46:26 Northern Flyway – The Eagle
50:05 Katherine Priddy – Wolf
54:12 Karine Polwart – I Burn But I Am Not Consumed
59:35 The Jaywalkers – What Do I Know?
01:03:56 Richard Thompson – My Rock, My Rope
01:07:10 Dave Van Ronk – The Old Man (Live)
01:09:11 Michael Hurley – Move It On Over
01:12:31 Niall and Cillian Vallely – The Singing Stream

Caoimhín Vallely with Karan Casey

“Caoimhín Vallely’s consummate musicality and grasp of technique just naturally captivates. His solid grounding in Irish traditional music enables him to creatively and fruitfully explore the various moods, emotions, forms and styles the music has to offer, from classic jigs and reels to songs both sung and transcribed, the whole finishing on a brilliant (yet refreshingly non-showy) exercise in classical-style variations on The Independence Hornpipe. This is an outstanding album, one to play both to aficionados of Irish traditional music and lovers of the piano, as well as those listeners who are receptive to fresh perspectives on the traditional repertoire. A total delight, in other words.” [ . . . ]

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