A-levels and GCSEs: Student tells minister ‘you’ve ruined my life’

A student rejected by her chosen university after her A-levels were downgraded has told schools minister Nick Gibb, “you’ve ruined my life”.

Nina Bunting-Mitcham, speaking on the BBC’s Any Questions, said her marks were three grades lower than predicted.

And talking to the BBC on Saturday, she said that getting three Ds had made her feel like life “was completely over”.

The government says it will cover the cost of appeals after 280,000 grades in England were downgraded.

With school exams cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s grades in England were awarded using a controversial modelling system, with the key factors being the ranking order of pupils and the previous exam results of schools and colleges.

In England, 36% of entries had grades lower than their teachers predicted and 3% were down two grades, prompting anger and distress among schools, colleges and students.

Nina told the BBC her teachers were “utterly shocked” on learning her predicted results of ABB – in biology, chemistry and psychology – had plummeted.

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