Record Review: Frank Turner “Be More Kind”

Frank Turner’s ‘Be More Kind’ is a return to political topics for the veteran folk-punk artist. Read the NME review

England kept his bones, now Trump wants to watch them burn. For a good five years Frank Turner has largely steered clear of politics in song, having dug into folk history to explore “the English identity” on 2011’s ‘England Keep My Bones’, and subsequently been dubbed a mini-Morrissey for discrediting the left and aligning himself with libertarianism (after numerous death threats, he later clarified his political position as “classic liberal”). Following two Turner albums of personal exorcism – 2013’s exquisitely broken ‘Tape Deck Heart’ and 2015’s redemptive ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ – the barricade against right-wing opinion that he once mischievously kicked at has broken, and the world has spun a dark enough dance that even the soapbox-averse Turner feels urged to musical arms. He spends his seventh album considering the dire state of the world from multiple angles and, unlike the tidal wave of terrified tin-pot politics plonked incongruously in the middle of every alt-rock album for the past eighteen months, he even proffers some tentative answers. Continue reading