GasLit Nation podcast: “Protect the Election. Impeach Barr”

This week on Gaslit Nation, we flip through the deck of white supremacist kleptocrat playing cards that comprises the Trump administration and deal out a hand of doom! We start with Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, who is currently refusing to disclose the corporate recipients of a taxpayer-funded $600 billion-plus coronavirus aid program, and detail his long history of looting.

GasLit Nation podcast: Corporate Manslaughter



On week ten billion of coronavirus self-quarantine, we examine being a captive audience to a reality TV autocrat. This week we discuss the danger of the newly created “Council to Reopen America” which features key members of the Trump Crime Cult we have been warning you about for years: Ivanka, Jared, Mnuchin, and Ross, along with three lesser known members of the Blood Money Brigade whose shady dealings we explore.


GasLit Nation Podcast: Dictators Die, Art Is Forever: The Oleg Sentsov Interview

On our one billionth week in self-isolation, we discuss the trauma of the coronavirus crisis and how it’s reshaping our political landscape. As we struggle with an uncertain future and a tragic present marked by mass death, we discuss the brutal nonchalance of the Trump administration’s kleptocratic core. Counter to everyone else in the US, the Trump Crime Cult is not acting as if they’re unsure of what the future holds. They appear very assured of their future. They are behaving, in fact, like people who knew this was coming. 


We discuss the exploitation of the crisis by the Trump regime, their ominous long-term plans to remain in DC while they let New Yorkers die,

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GasLit Nation: The Trump Crime Cult Has Blood on Their Hands


We discuss how Trump, a life-long mobster and aspiring autocrat, is trying to shake down individual states and deny medical workers and their patients life-saving equipment. While he is more overtly sadistic to so-called “blue” states, Trump is also endangering residents of so-called “red” states – and that dichotomy is going to get worse as the crisis moves over the next few months from hard-hit big cities like New York to rural areas that no longer have hospitals thanks to GOP defunding.