Enchanting Acoustic Chamber-Folk by Irish Songwriter Anna Mieke

Irish multi-instrumentalist Anna Mieke’s songs conjure expansive places and moving through those places- touching on death, dreaming, memory, and family. She and her band play in-studio.

The Irish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Mieke spent much of her youth traveling the world – from Spain to Bangladesh, Bulgaria to New Zealand.  Her songs can conjure an expansive sense of place, and of moving through those places – touching on change, age, death, dreaming, memory, family, and perhaps an alternate reality on her latest album Theatre.

Anna Mieke’s enveloping acoustic chamber-folk can start with her borrowed 1936 Epiphone guitar, and may also involve improvisation with her core band. She’s also a bouzouki player, pianist, and a cellist who played with HEX, a Cork-based experimental outfit, and was a vocalist with the singing group, Rufous Nightjar. She’s collaborated with Irish artists Crash Ensemble, Adrian Crowley, and Linda Buckley and with New York-based artists Charlotte Greve, Grey McMurray, and Anna Roberts Gevalt; in March, Mieke will play shows with Iron & Wine.

Anna Mieke and her band stopped by on their current tour to play these recent songs, in-studio.Set list: “Seraphim”, “Twin”, “Coralline”

Watch “Twin”:

Watch “Coralline”:

Source: Enchanting Acoustic Chamber-Folk by Irish Songwriter Anna Mieke | Soundcheck | New Sounds

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