Listen to “The Voices Of…” Richard Dawson

Released On: 29 Jul 2019

For a man whose musical demeanour comes across as rough-hewn with a potency that’s barely contained, Richard Dawson in person is gentle with a soft smile and opinions that are precisely worded though almost tentatively shared. He admits to a high level of everyday anxiety, yet has left a mark on contemporary folk music in England that testifies to an innate confidence in his musical vision.

His albums (notably Nothing Important of 2014 and Peasant in 2017), as well as being critically acclaimed, have taken folk music into new territory that’s at once ancient and avant-garde. Speaking at his home in the north-east of England, Richard reflects on the particular qualities of his voice, the life that music has opened up to him and his ever-present companion, Trouble the cat.

Presented and produced by Alan Hall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio Four

Richard Dawson

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