Danish TV documentary explores London’s folk scene in 1967

A Danish TV documentary on the London folk scene of 1966/67.

0:00 MARTIN CARTHY & DAVE SWARBRICK – I Haven’t Told Her And She Hasn’t Told Me (Kahal, Dubin, Fain)
1:19 (Danish reporter)
1:51 Carthy and Swarbrick on stage (no music, just commentary)
2:39 Shots of night-time Soho. (
2:51 “Nice cup of tea” 🙂
3:26 MARC SULLIVAN – Instrumental (Sullivan?)
3:26 MARC SULLIVAN – Hard Travelin’ (Guthrie)
9:30 JOHN RENBOURN – I Know My Babe (Trad.)
12:52 Marc Sullivan – interview
13:46 BERT JANSCH & JOHN RENBOURN – Bells (Jansch, Renbourn)
17:53 Bert Jansch – interview

2 thoughts on “Danish TV documentary explores London’s folk scene in 1967

  1. in 2015 @swampmanikoiko5570 wrote :

    I had the chance to hear Marc Sullivan play and sing a dozen times or so during Lionel Rocheman’s Hootenannies at The American Center for Students and Artists in Paris. I recorded 5 or 6 songs and instrumentals on my Uher mono between 1967 and 1970, including “Angie”, “Come back baby”, “Strolling down the highway”, and his fantastic version of “Don’t let your deal go down”. I still have these reel-to-reel tapes, and though they don’t meet with today’s standards, they are still in fairly good condition. I wish I were able to refresh and upload Marc’s recordings, along with a few other great moments from various performers. But unfortunately this is way above my technical abilities or anyone else’s around where I live.
    Sad to hear Marc passed away.

    has anyone help @swampmanikoiko5570 to refresh these records and give them to the community

    1. Thank you, Jean. It is amazing what digital engineering can now accomplish with restoring analog recordings. I hope you can find help with the project and preserve the wonderful music you describe.

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