Stable Genius

Priebus: “an idiot”
McMaster: “a dope”
Mnuchin: “an idiot”
Cohn: “dumb as shit”
Kelly: “unhinged & an idiot”
Mattis: “a 5th grader”
Bill Barr: “detached from reality”
Bannon: “an 11 year old child”
Ann Coulter: “a moron”
Tillerson: “a fucking moron”

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

2 thoughts on “Stable Genius

  1. How interesting that these ten people took this long to say out loud what the rest of us knew (and said out loud) in 2016. The kicker of course is that, accurate as these descriptions are, it’s distinctly (not to mention horribly) possible that this idiotic, dopy, dumb as shit, unhinged 11 year old moron will be the next U.S. president. It must be painful for Americans to contemplate the depth of Joseph de Maistre’s: “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite”.

    1. Very true, Fiddler.
      Saw it written this morning:
      “It took 681 days after 1/6 for Bill Barr to say that Trump should be indicted. t took 677 days for Pence to admit that Trump endangered him. It took 5 years for John Kelly to admit Trump weaponized the IRS against his enemies. NONE of them said anything when it could’ve mattered.”

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