Quora asks: Why is the US Army so disloyal towards Donald Trump?

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Why is the US Army so disloyal towards Donald Trump? Is some sort of purge necessary to bring it back to the standard?

Judy replies:

“Hardly disloyal, tolerant more like it since trump has used the military as a stanchion and deliberately undermined Pentagon efforts to remain apolitical.

He, who has never served in the military, had to try to find a safe haven after his 2018 visit to France when he referred to American soldiers killed during World War One as “losers” and “suckers.”

Looking back at trump’s speeches and tweets throughout his presidency including interviews with aides and military officials, his history shows a contradictory and steadily deteriorating relationship with the military. While he could gush with praise for his generals, there’d be other times when he portrayed them as incompetent.

And since the rabid exchange he’d had with John Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general when he complained: “You fucking generals, why can’t you be like the German generals?” Is it any wonder they have any respect for him at all?

No, if there is any purge necessary, the ousting of trump will bring the military back to its rightful standard.”

Piere replied:

“This question was asked by someone called “Peoe”in August 2022.

Other questions he “pretends to ask” make it obvious he is a Russian troll.

What I find so amusing about this question are two things:

  • That Quora’s algorithms conclude in September 2022 that this may be a question I would like to answer.
  • That a Russian troll would really think some Americans can be that stupid about ex-president in August 2022″

Robert replies:

“How was the army disloyal to Trump? I can see the accusation that the army leadership right now is milquetoast, and gutless re Biden, but I don’t see the army as a whole being disloyal to either him or DT. Too bad for them, in a way, as they got slaughtered in Afghanistan under the current morons’ “incompetent “command”.

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