Molly Linen’s ‘A Lot To Give’ Is Remarkable

It’s a delicate, hugely emotional return…

Glasgow based songwriter Molly Linen returns with new single ‘A Lot To Give’.

The new single was recorded at all-analogue Glasgow studio Green Door, with Molly working alongside producer Ronan Fay.

There’s a sparsity to the recording that is truly remarkable, with Molly’s softly picked guitar patterns aligned to the drone of an old air organ.

Shades of Ivor Cutler in the use of a drone, yet Molly’s vocal is in a world of its own, a suggestive, beguiling, and plaintive offering.

“An imagined conversation with an imagined person who lacks empathy,” she comments. “A heart broken like a carelessly dropped vase.”

Out now on Lost Map, you can check out ‘A Lot To Give’ below.


Source: Molly Linen’s ‘A Lot To Give’ Is Remarkable

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