Sacred landslide

Trump Twitter was always good for a laugh. “Sacred” landslide? “Unceremoniously” stripped away? He probably read the words sacred and unceremoniously in another context where they were used correctly and figured these would make his morning dump-post sound presidential. Asshole that he is.

2 thoughts on “Sacred landslide

  1. I’m wondering, as I sip my morning tea, if there is any truth to the rumour that the OED is considering a new entry:

    trump • v. to reverse the functions of the two orifices at opposite ends of the alimentary canal, thus defecating from the mouth and speaking through the anus.”

    Should this prove to be the case, one can only imagine the scrambling of bridge players the world over to find a new expression. The good ol’ OED was ahead of the game though with this entry:

    “trumpery archaic • n articles, practices, or beliefs of superficial appeal but little real value or worth. • adj. showy but worthless, delusive. —ORIGIN ME (denoting trickery): from OFr. tromperie, from tromper ‘deceive’.” Quite so.

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