Why the silence?

By Michael Stevenson

I haven’t read of many U.S. police chiefs, police unions, or Blue Line activists, denouncing Trump and the GOP for the needless death of Capitol police officer Brian D. Sicknick in Wednesday’s domestic terror attack.

And after seeing the Jesus banners waving among the lawless thugs who stormed our nation’s Capitol, I haven’t heard much in terms of denouncement from U.S. Christian leaders.

I haven’t heard of any U.S. Catholic bishops who now will be refusing communion to Rudy Giuliani for his “trial by combat” incitement, nor the same to Sen. Josh Hawley for his clinched-fist salute to the lawless mob.

Why is this? Is it cowardice, hypocrisy, or the banality of evil?

3 thoughts on “Why the silence?

  1. “Why is this? Is it cowardice, hypocrisy, or just the banality of evil?”…..All Three!

  2. Ah yes, the “banality of evil.” Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol was a mere shot across the bow of government in America.

    Those of us who, throughout the four years of stinking rot in the White House, were sure that this was merely the beginning of the darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth that was to beset America. were branded bad news merchants, faithless cynics, negative nags. The sad truth seems to be emerging: that we were regrettably correct. Let us not hold our breath waiting for legal action to follow or for police or military mea culpas. Weather this bad does not abate quickly.

    Cynicism is what naïve people (or people with sinister agendas) call realism. Would that we “cynics” had been wrong. How interesting to see the Republican rats scurrying off the sinking ship in vain hope of rescuing their tattered reputations, salving their scorched consciences and getting a head start on feathering their next fetid nest.

    Anyone who didn’t see the siege coming must have been under a rock for the last two months if not four years. Any security professional with responsibility for government installations who didn’t see this coming needs to look for other work. Any prosecutor who isn’t aware of the so-called president’s criminal participation in the siege should be on the dole tomorrow morning.

    Listen to your annoying “cynics” next time. You never know, we might be right again.

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