Mike Pence is _____________ .

Friends of The Hobbledehoy need to fill in the blank, please

5 thoughts on “Mike Pence is _____________ .

  1. Mike, careful with CNN,k as they are much like the FOX of the Left (of which I am primarily a part) but knowing that Mr. Pence is an ignorant evangelical homophobe and his boss is unspeakably vain Pence did iterate that Trump only said that “he welcomes people that support him” and the CNN interviewer repeatedly asked him if Trump embraced Qanon and Trump only said what I put in quotation marks.

    Understand that I find both men despicable but let’s make sure we keep our observations focused and correct. Let these people dig their own graves but let us report the facts. We don’t have to color it anymore than that. Balance and truth will out.

    Frank the Yank
    Mayo, Ireland

    1. Frank, I think you are absolutely right. Pity that the news channels today are particularity slanted left or right. (CNN and Fox) I get that FOX was created by Republicans for Republicans so, take their news with a grain of salt!
      What happened to objective reporting of the news not creating or “tilting” the news to suit your purpose?

  2. Mike Pence is……not worth talking about…….but he can put two sentences together unlike his boss.

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