GasLit Nation podcast: Inherent Contempt

We look at signs of hope in the midst of this darkness, including young Democratic representatives who understand the severity of the American crisis and have the potential to rebuild our country – if complicit and complacent elites would get out of their way.

One thought on “GasLit Nation podcast: Inherent Contempt

  1. Please … one definition of insanity that i’ve heard many times… whether true or not, i don’t know… is doing something over and over and over and expecting different results.

    or as Malcolm X said: if a chicken could produce a duck’s egg, that w’d be a revolutionary chicken. he was speaking of the Demi-shits.

    if one of the bulwarks of the modern neolithic slave state could produce or even contribute to our liberation, that w’d be completely in contradiction to its history & DNA. leave that rotting corpse… the bankster/ gangsters rule it and will not allow even a mild socialist like Bernie to lead their ticket.

    the intro is a bit misleading… the first voice you hear is BS who is older than the weirdo Klown occupying the big slave house right now.

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