Whence Came Stonehenge’s Stones? Now We Know

Last year archaeologists pinpoint the origin of many of the ancient monument’s massive stones. A new study identifies the source of the rest.

Read at NY Times: Whence Came Stonehenge’s Stones? Now We Know

One thought on “Whence Came Stonehenge’s Stones? Now We Know

  1. Thanks for sharing this piece. My late mother and I were fortunate enough to get “up close and personal” with Stonehenge in November 1972. It was a cold and brilliantly sunny morning when we drove out from Salisbury. I paid an old gent from the National Trust a couple of pounds to be our docent, and he regaled us for the better part of 45 minutes with everything you could possibly want to know about Stonehenge, who (as known then) built it, and why Back then, Stonehenge wasn’t fenced off, so we could actually walk up to, touch and look up at the sarsens. A humbling experience I will never forget. I believe there was still some speculation then (per our docent) that some of the megaliths may have been brought and erected by the Bronze Age Beaker People, but evidently, that theory has been replaced by findings that Stonehenge is even older – which is mind-blowing.

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