Steve Schmidt on Trump: “A moment of unparalleled national humiliation”

2 thoughts on “Steve Schmidt on Trump: “A moment of unparalleled national humiliation”

  1. I’m so tired of clicking through to the video and receiving a message stating that the video can not be played….

  2. We are now finally hearing Americans speak out loud the adjectives and nouns we have all privately been applying to the fool in the White House for years now. The unequivocal fact that this oaf is an imbecile, an idiot, a dangerously ignorant, half-formed person seemed to elude public discourse for a long time.

    To us non-Americans it is incomprehensible that any people should allow the so-called sanctity of the office to veil the revulsion so many feel about this fool. There is nothing sacred about any public office. To us that is a ridiculous notion altogether. Being president of any organisation is a job. Doing a job requires integrity, knowledge, experience and skill. If you have those and can get yourself elected, great. Any system that permits someone in possession of none of those qualifications to assume the office of president is a system in desperate need of redesign.

    No office is sacred. The occupant of the oval office is not sacred. Presidents are not sacred, neither are presidencies. Flags are not sacred. Monuments are not sacred. Let’s all come back down to earth and realise that surgeons need to be qualified, pilots need to know how to fly, teachers to teach, violinists to play the violin and presidents must know how to preside over teams of experts and lead their governments as they make laws and regulations that are good for the people, not good for the re-election of the president.

    You really do have to flush this idiot out of your lives before he and his easily whistled-up, gun waving sycophants flush America further down the toilet. The idiot president said that the number of covid cases is high simply because there is too much testing and that with less testing there will be fewer cases (see “Shit Trump Says”). And yet he remains in the White House. What are you waiting for? It is past time to have this jack-ass committed. Incompetent, incoherent employees should be fired. Full stop. It gives us non-Americans no pleasure to remind our American friends and relations that “toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.”

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