“Could be a set-up?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called police response “wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful.” 

The governor said he was shocked and disgusted by the president’s suggestion that the 75-year-old man is an “ANTIFA provocateur” and may have been trying to “set up” law enforcement.

What do YOU think?

5 thoughts on ““Could be a set-up?”

  1. Parroting the fucking RU Sputnik news. Gu&ino should sue the hell out of the moron for Slander.

  2. Again friends, just when we all thought the troll had hit rock bottom, no, we were wrong. There is no limit to the unpleasantness, the cynicism, the squirrelly mendacious foul odour than emanates from this textbook specimen of the Dunning Kruger effect. But things might just be looking up in the numbers department. But then, we might see this ogre start a war between now and November. Surely, you say, the generals aren’t stupid enough to go along with that idea. Surely they’ve got his number by now. Surely they learned something from “Weapons of Mass Distraction.” We’ll see.

  3. I think this narcissistic syphilitic dicktraitor sees the writing on the wall. Lots of people said be careful if he feels cornered, he’s capable of anything, starting a war, martial law, canceling the elections, etc. He’s insane and he has to go.

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