STS: “I’m taking hydroxychloriquine”

In its guidance, the FDA said that hydroxychloroquine has “not been shown to be safe and effective for treating or preventing COVID-19.” – Source: Business Insider

“Here’s what’s crazy: We don’t know whether the President of the United States is self-prescribing hydroxychloriquine against all medical advice, or is lying that he is so that OTHERS will take it against all medical advice. The fact that each seems plausible is totally insane.” – Joshua A. Geltzer, Former White House, DOJ

4 thoughts on “STS: “I’m taking hydroxychloriquine”

  1. Trump must be lying. He lies about so many things, you’re u have to think he’’s lyrical ng about this. Moreover, I would not think a reputable and competent physician, as the White House physician must be, would prescribe a medication known to cause arrhythmia to a person who is as fat and unhealthy as Trump appears to,be.

  2. Yup, he’s lying to deflect media attention away from all the other horrible things he’s doing (or isn’t doing and should be). You can tell when he’s lying because his lips are moving.

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