Fairport Convention “Tale in Hard Time”

Johnny Foreigner will never grow tired of this classic from Fairport Convention. Incredible lead vocals Iain Matthews and great guitar from Richard Thompson, who wrote Tale In Hard Time.

2 thoughts on “Fairport Convention “Tale in Hard Time”

  1. Great intro, good harmonies and guitar work. The popular-at-the-time drum riff is now part of the inane canon of dull predictable drum tracks. I tell my students that the drummers’ union are threatening worldwide strike action if they are asked one more time to play “rest-2 / 1-&-2 / rest 2 / 1-&-2 etc.
    If we singers and other instrumentalists were reduced to playing boring repetitive patterns, we’d all become cost accountants. Have mercy on the poor drummer. Give the poor wretch something interesting to play.

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