Facebook doesn’t want you to see this anti-Trump video … but we do

By Sarah Rumpf | Mediaite

When Rick Wilson tweets, “I’m in a goddamn mood,” you know something is a-brewin’. What got the Florida-based political strategist and writer fired up on this particular Thursday was a decision by Facebook to censor the “Mourning in America” video ad produced by the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump PAC founded by Wilson and several other prominent Never Trump former Republicans.

The video takes a highly critical view of President Donald Trump‘s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, and already has been viewed nearly eight million times on Twitter and on nearly two million times on YouTube alone.

Unsurprisingly, Wilson was displeased with Facebook’s move.

Speaking to Mediaite, Wilson called the decision “the typical fuckery we’ve come to expect from both the Trump camp and their tame Facebook allies.”

“Facebook is perfectly content to allow content from QAnon lunatics, anti-vaxxers, alt-righters, and every form of Trump/Russian — but I repeat myself — disinformation,” he pointed out. “This is a sign of just how powerfully ‘Mourning In America’ shook Donald Trump and his allies. Their attempt to censor our ad isn’t a setback for us; it’s a declaration of an information war we will win.” [ . . . ] Full story at source: Mediaite

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One thought on “Facebook doesn’t want you to see this anti-Trump video … but we do

  1. I know…everyone’s a critic! This video is a worthy piece of work. However you’re going to need sharper teeth than this to get any sort of grip on the upcoming election in your country. The measured and elegant tone of the video is tantamount to preaching to the choir. The never trumpers already get it. But the video assumes a sensibility not found amongst troll supporters. You cannot shame the shameless. It is a waste of time appealing to a conscience that does not exist.

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