Shit Trump Says: Riots

“I’ve quoted this passage from Trump — where he states his intent to cause riots and US economic collapse — so many times. He flat-out announced it. In my new book HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT I quote my own 2016 essay warning what he would do…” – Author Sarah Kendzior

2 thoughts on “Shit Trump Says: Riots

  1. Kendzior is spot on. The crazy man has been disuccing this for decades. He is a Russian asset, since 1980s. Active measures in destroying the US since before holding office (Birthers? Central Park 5?)

  2. It’s disappointing to know this how the man who I hope ha only a few more months in our White House. He is a danger to only this country, but to the entire world. I heard him say this a while back and was startled. But, then, I have been startled every time he speaks.
    He keeps saying we need to get back to normal. What is normal? If we decide we are going to go along with the way we were I am not so sure I want “normal”. Think back to how life has been for the past 3 years. Even 4 years since in no way was the election year normal. We have learned so much about each other. Frankly, I found that I was quite naive about the world and the U.S. I actually thought bigotry was mostly over. Mostly. Yet, I learned how wrong I was. I thought no one would think Donald Trump was presidential material. But, I was wrong. I thought people didn’t hate each other so much. Maybe that’s why I was so naive about bigotry. I knew there were multi millionaires, and I knew some were pretty greedy. But, damn, I sure didn’t have any idea how much greed there really is. So much money. So many poor people. Do you want this kind of America? I hope and pray we don’t.
    The African American community has been hit so much more than our White community. But why? Well, they have more of the deceases that make this virus more likely to hit harder on someone with those health problems. There are more deaths caused when those problems and the virus come together. But, I believe the biggest problem for the African American community is the disparity in the have and the have nots. Meaning the rich and the poor. It’s like Flint and the water fiasco there. If that had happened in Palm Beach or Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons you can bet the pipes would have been out of the ground and replaced within weeks, not years.
    So, there are some real reasons for us not to want to back to “normal”. We have been told we are in a “new normal”. We, yes we are. But wouldn’t it be so much better for all of us if the normal we all want to go back to is really a new normal. We realize we all have a reason to be in this country and throughout the world. We need to be good to each other no matter how much money they have or not, or what color, religion, background, or from what their country of origin is. We need to stop complaining about kids getting free breakfast and lunch at school. We must stop worrying about how high our taxes are. We need taxes for schools,teachers, roads, stop lights and sins, police and EMTS, firemen and women. They support our county and state health departments a place where many people go because because they lack proper health insurance.
    So instead of going back to “normal” I hope we look at those selfless health care workers, hospitals cleaners, aides, fire people, EMTS. They work together, black white, brown. No one cares. The alien emoji don’t care. Why do we care?
    Generosity and kindness would be a nice “new normal”. After living through this dangerous Coronavirus, I pray that our lives are changed in a way that make us be more thoughtful, kinder, more generous toward one another. Call me a Pollyanna, but maybe writing this might give some of us something to think about.

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