Shit Trump Says: Models

April 3, 2020 Press Covid-19 Briefing

Pretty funny, isn’t he? 16,690 dead from coronavirus in USA as of today.

One thought on “Shit Trump Says: Models

  1. I started several businesses in S. Florida, the main one being conveyancing, starting in 1978. By the early 80’s he had the biggest Midwest USA bank, Continental Illinois, in trouble. He had borrowed so much in various corporate guises with no personal guaranty, that they had to lend him money hoping he would stay afloat. Eventually, the banking regulators (FDIC) had to shut down the bank due to the level of non-performing loans, primarily Trump corps.

    Lee Iacocca, the hero of Ford Motor Co. and designer leader for the Mustang, as wells as COO, and savior of Chrysler Corp, became a partner with Trump in the Palm Beach Trump Tower. Lee lasted exactly six months in the partnership before he became disenchanted and disgusted with Trump as a business man. I believe he said in one interview that it was like dealing with Spain’s Franco.

    He bought the Atlantic City casinos from Merv Griffin’s Resorts Int’l which he started in Nassau. Merv was smart and realized that many nations of American Indians started to think of opening casinos, so he found a sucker in the Donald who took another bath. At the end Trump had buses in Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York inter alia and they were to offer old people free trips tpo Atlantic City where they were each given a a roll of nickels (5 cent pieces) upon arrival, so that they could play the slots and show action that wasn’t there.

    You do not work on a Trump site without a bond being posted for payment, as Trump has a battery of attorneys whose job is to screw the contractor and his subs by filing specious claims for shoddy workmanship.

    The bottom line is that he should have been impeached for profiting at his businesses by using his position as president. The fellow has been an obnoxious boor his whole life. He can’t help it.

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