Shit Trump Says: A press briefing sample

Shit Trump Says

“Trump is a ‘ratings hit,’ The New York Times wrote in a not-complimentary recent story, comparing his audience size to the season finale of The Bachelor. No doubt, the former reality show host loved that juxtaposition. Now his wildly unscripted briefings are the ultimate reality show, and even those hate-watching his daily lies, scorn, and gaslighting are giving him exactly what he craves” – The Boston Globe

3 thoughts on “Shit Trump Says: A press briefing sample

  1. How can ANYONE w/ half-a-brain support this incompetent fool? Not only is he ignorant, rude, obnoxious, but he is stupid, socially inept, and a disgrace to humanity. I am an embarrassed to be an American w/ this scumbag/asshole as our President.
    I fail to see ANY redeeming qualities of this disgraceful, disgusting man. He has been a failure his entire life from his marriages, bankruptcies, current businesses and his false pretensions to be what he is not! He is a souless, shell of what a REAL man should be!
    He is sincerely and permanently damaged from his false sense of self with syncophants that he surronds himself with. He needs to go away ASAP. the damage he has done is irreparable.

  2. Been begging the media since before Nov 2016 to stop talking about him…he will implode

  3. As an American that grew up in the NYC area I followed Trump’s criminal failures all my life. Not by choice, mind you… while in NY he was in my face, in the news, almost daily, with his crooked doings. My biggest fear when he was elected was that he would turn the entire world against us and start pushing nuclear buttons, senselessly killing people who refuse to do crooked business with him around the world, or maybe he would Nuke entire countries for saying something mean about him, putting him right up there with Adolf! Instead though, he is allowing Americans to die by the thousands and thousands in an effort to protect his precious stock market. It looks like he has Trumped himself by killing so many Americans while the rest of the world looks on in wonder. The one and only true statement that he has EVER made was that he is “A Genius” — yes, he is a genius in two fields — stupidity, and being a 100% total scumbag, So he’s not exactly like Hitler — he’s much more dangerous and diabolic.

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