Appealing to St. Jude on Donald Trump

By Michael Stevenson

Dear St. Jude – Patron Saint of Lost Causes,

Let me begin by stating how very much I like your latest Facebook profile pic – the new “fit Jude” image. No one should believe that a top-notch saint such as yourself needs to appear hungry or disheveled. It was clearly time for a change. Bravo!

As you know, I’ve prayed to you with a special request for about two years now, and I so appreciate you hearing my prayer. I knew that you would.

I was quite specific in my prayer, however, and I believe there has been a mistake made. Let me say that I fully appreciate that you, as Patron Saint of Lost Causes, are incredibly busy. Certainly the sheer number of Lost Causes today is our fault and not yours. I’ve previously suggested moving all sports-related Lost Causes (Mets, Jets, etc.) to a separate saint (an intern perhaps?) But we shall address that another time.

What needs to be addressed today is that, as they say in politics, “Mistakes were made” with my frequent and fervent prayer request.

Here it is: It was NOT Bernie Sanders who was supposed to have the heart attack. I don’t know if you can rewind/replay prayer requests, but it was definitely not Bernie. Go back and listen.

Also – the fellow who is supposed to have the heart attack (let’s refer to him as Individual #1 here) … well, his attack needs to be fatal. I’m quite sure I specified that. I also promised to convert a few pagans if it could happen while he was sitting on his solid-gold toilet. But that extra trimming is not so important at this time.

With all the political news 24/7, I can understand how confusing these things can get. Absolutely no problem, as the kids say. It just was a mix-up. Mistakes were made.

BTW, after we take care of the first prayer request (correcting the heart attack recipient) another prayer request of mine is to eliminate the phrase “no problem” as a replacement for “you’re welcome.”

On second thought, forget that about “no problem.” I’ll take that up with a lesser saint. You’ve got enough to do.

To reiterrate, the heart attack for Individual #1 needs to be fatal. The pain level and duration of the attack, well hell, I’ll leave that up to you.

All my love and respect,
You’re welcome,

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15 thoughts on “Appealing to St. Jude on Donald Trump

  1. I’ve been praying to St Jude for removal of the current GOP administration from office. I’m not particular about whether it happens through resignation, indictment, or physical decompensation just as long as it happens. Cheers!

  2. I must hold in humble abeyance my ungenerous comments re: St. Jude’s performance — or lack thereof — on Michael’s simple request. The future must bear riper fruits; there are others, both saint and sinner, who would usurp Jude’s high position. I yield my time.

  3. I wouldn’t be too hard on St Jude. His bosses have a prayer bank the size of Jupiter, all asking for a long and prosperous life for Individual #1. How is the average saint meant to compete with that?

  4. I wouldn’t be too hard on St Jude. His bosses each have a prayer bank the size of Jupiter all asking for a long and prosperous life for Individual #1. How is the average saint meant to compete with that?

  5. Thank you for clearing up St.Jude’s mistake. I will join you in a fervent prayer to redirect the proper event in the right direction.

    1. I have a button from years ago that I have worn for every election since I became an adult; “Kiss Me. I Vote Democratic.” I have heroes. How come they all are or were Democrats? People like JFK, Truman, and even FDR, although he wasn’t quite as wonderful as we thought he was. Obama was my latest hero, and our present White House occupant, who throws mud on Obama doesn’t even know it can’t stick. He sits and plays with the mud, not realizing that it sticks on him daily.

      I pray all the Senate remembers their Oath of Office, which is to protect the Constitution. If they do, even the Majority leader will have to vote to find Donald Trump GUILTY!

  6. I cannot possibly top the clever comments above nor shall I even attempt, because I cannot stop laughing long enough to hit any keys!

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