The three-sister pop group the Honey Hahs: ‘We don’t want to get too massive’

I think they should perform with paper bags over their heads,” says Tim Siddall, father of the Honey Hahs – the three-sister pop group from Peckham, south London, whose first album of original songs, sung in harmony, comes out later this year on Rough Trade, produced by Steve Mackey from Pulp. “I’d like them to remain anonymous and simply carry on with their childhood.”The girls are out in the garden. “We don’t want to get too massive,” says Sylvie, 10, bouncing on the trampoline. “It would be quite annoying to have everyone screaming at you when you’re walking down the street.”“Yes,” says Robin, 12, reflectively.“

I wouldn’t mind,” says Rowan, 15. “I think I could deal with it.”

“She’d been messing around on the drums, going ‘Honey Hah. Honey Hah. Honey hah hah hah’ and Mum’s friend said, ‘That could be your band name!’ and we were like, ‘Why not?’”

The Honey Hahs are far too busy to become prima donnas. All three girls attend state schools. Rowan does ballet, singing, piano and African drumming. Robin runs long distance, plays rugby and football and draws. Sylvie does ballet, drama, gymnastics, football and plays the steel pans. She’s also a model.“That wouldn’t have happened if it had been left up to me,” says Tim, apologetically. “But then none of this would have.” Dido, Sylvie’s mother, is bashful.

“Her modelling is incredibly useful,” she says. “I used to say how she was the second highest earner in the family.” [ . . . ]

Source: The three-sister pop group the Honey Hahs: ‘We don’t want to get too massive’ | Life and style | The Guardian

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