Rip It Up: Significant Changes in the Scottish Music Scene

To write the story of music in Scotland from the perspective of the people at the very heart of it, we contacted a few of Scotland’s most celebrated musicians and behind-the-scenes influencers to ask them five questions.

“It has become much easier for Scottish artists to reach a global audience by utilising social media and the far reach of the Internet. However, like everything, the Internet is a double-edged sword and so the competition is even more intense for young Scottish artists now. There is such a glut of  great talent, all worthy of our attentions.”  [Shirley Manson, Garbage]

Free to answer as few or as many as they wished, we’re pleased to report that most of them responded (particularly Shirley Manson, we’re really excited about Shirley Manson!) answering all of our questions. To make this more manageable, we’ve broken this down into five features covering the following questions – the question in bold is the one covered here and you can click through to the others easily for continued reading [ . . . ]

Continue reading at the SKINNY: Rip It Up: Significant Changes in the Scottish Music Scene – The Skinny


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