Simon Pegg Says Another Movie with Edgar Wright Is a Given 

Simon Pegg says he and Nick Frost will make another movie with Edgar Wright when the timing is right.

simon-peggSimon Pegg is going to make a new movie with Edgar Wright, it’s just a matter of timing. Pegg and his buddy Nick Frost collaborated with Wright on the Cornetto Trilogy, which consists of Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzzand The World’s End.

The final entry was released in 2013 and virtually ever since, fans have wanted to know when the trio will work together again. Pegg doesn’t know exactly when that will be, but he promises that it’s an eventuality.

The problem is that all three of them have become quite busy in recent years. Simon Pegg has been acting in the newer Star Trek movies, among many other projects. Nick Frost has been part of Into The Badlands on AMC while also squeezing in a movie role here and there. Pegg and Frost have also started a production company and are releasing a new horror comedy together titled Slaughterhouse Rulez. Edgar Wright had his biggest success as a director with Baby Driver last year, with Sony hatching plans for a sequel. Still, Pegg insists in a recent interview that it’s not a matter of if but rather when they will make a new movie together. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Source: Simon Pegg Says Another Movie with Edgar Wright Is a Given – MovieWeb

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