‘Harry Enfield and Chums’ Has Just Arrived On Netflix

Calm down, calm down

If you were born in the late 80s or 90s, then Harry Enfield and Chums needs no introduction to you

It was the late night comedy show that gave us Kevin and Perry, The Scousers, and Julio Geordio. It spawned a disgusting but brilliant film – Kevin and Perry Go Large – as well as millions of schoolyard jokes.

It was something that you stayed up to watch, even though your parents didn’t want you to.

 Now you can watch it all to your heart’s content at whatever time of the day you fancy because it has just been released onto Netflix.

That means you can enjoy every episode of the classic series at your leisure and laugh all over again at Perry returning from Manchester, Julio Geordio’s post match interviews, and William Ulsterman seeming more relevant these days than he ever has.

The show first aired in 1990 on BBC Two and starred Harry Enfield (obviously) but also his ‘chums’ future Brit comedy legends Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke.

As well as those mentioned it also introduced the nation to characters such as Tim Nice But Dim, The Palace Of Righteous Justice (a personal favourite) and Mr Cholmondley Warner.

It was originally called Harry Enfield’s Television Programme but due to the success of his co-stars the ‘and Chums’ was adopted in 1994.

The show ended in 1998 but it has remained relentlessly popular since then due to the timeless nature of the comedy and the sticking power of its surreal but well written characters.

Since it finished, Paul Whitehouse has gone on to star in The Fast Show and has won many awards for his comedy writing.

He reunited with Harry Enfield for the show Harry and Paul between the years of 2007 and 2012.

Burke has also gone on to widespread success, even winning Best Actress award for her role in Nil by Mouth at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival and starring in the critically acclaimed Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in 2011.

Despite that level of industry success, she’ll never top her turn as Perry/Liam Gallagher – just an opinion.

If you fancy yet more British sketch comedy you can also catch Harry’s other show Harry Enfield Presents… and, of course, Kevin and Perry Go Large

Source: ‘Harry Enfield and Chums’ Has Just Arrived On Netflix – LADbible



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