Movie Review: Ghost Stories 

Adapted from a play first performed in 2010 and since toured around the UK and worldwide, Ghost Stories is the brainchild of Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, long-time collaborator of Derren Brown and the unseen quarter of the League of Gentlemen respectively. Appropriately, the experience of watching Ghost Stories is like riding a funfair ghost train: rattling along, bursting through doors, watching creepy scene after creepy scene until a loop-the-loop finale that leaves you on a spectre induced high

Ghost Stories follows Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman), a TV sceptic, as he tries to solve three cases with ties to the supernatural. These include a night watchman (Paul Whitehouse) working in a former asylum, a teenager (Alex Lawther) whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and a businessman (Martin Freeman) awaiting the birth of his first child. Professor Goodman maintains that every ostensibly paranormal encounter has a rational explanation, but the more he learns about the unresolved incidents, the more his beliefs are tested.

Set against the milieu of a faded seaside town and the grey skied isolation of countryside living, the locations and landscapes in which Ghost Storiestakes place are as much of a character as any of the cast. It’s a very cold and decaying world that’s created by the camera, one that successfully helps grow the unease of the audience. One of the creepiest scenes in the movie takes place in a shadowy and oppressive suburban family home with the uncanny image of two figures, completely motionless with their backs to the camera, made all the worse by the claustrophobic atmosphere of the house [ . . . ]

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