The Blue Posts is a perfect pub in the middle of Soho

Zoe and Layo Paskin – the geniuses behind The Palomar and The Barbary – are doing their bit to spread the good vibes across town.Hot on the heels of launching coffee shop Jacob The Angel next door to The Barbary, they’ve taken over old boozer The Blue Posts two doors down from The Palomar. And clearly in the mood for giving, they’ve turned it into not one but three new venues.

The Blue Posts

First up, on the ground floor, is the pubby part. It retains the original name and much of the character, but has been given a spruce up, had its bar transformed into a dining counter, and craft beer installed on the taps.

The food offering is more or less limited to bar snacks – but there’s much more than mere peanuts (which incidentally come coated in harissa, and are very good indeed). Heavily buttered anchovy soldiers are simple but seductive, homemade sausage rolls are robustly meaty, and a plate of fried Jerusalem artichokes in a tahini-esque hazelnut sauce is a marker of how good vegetable dishes can be.

Flying the flag among a short selection of sandwiches is a New England fried fish sandwich. Encased in brioche and dripping with tartare sauce, it’s a filet-o-fish for the foodie set – and what’s not to love about that?

Somehow, despite its Soho location, it still manages to feel a little bit local. And even the pork crackling is particularly, well, cracking. Simply put, it’s a pretty perfect pub [ . . . ]

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