Doctor Who’s hardest task yet – making yellow braces happen


Yellow braces. In the grand history of fashion – women’s fashion, at least – yellow braces are not something that have ever had a moment. Not even a nano-second. But then, Doctor Who has never really been a slavish follower of fashion. While the world’s designers spend their whole time in a constant shift between decades (anyone looking at the new Vogue out this week would be forgiven in thinking the time machine had got lost in the 70s), the Doctor has never really paid much attention to the sartorial codes of his – and now her – travels through different eras.

But those braces are something else. Red braces and the new Doctor would have been in tricky skinhead territory. Especially with those boots. But the mustard yellow brings to mind fellow sci-fi traveller Mork (of late-70s throwbacks Mork & Mindy) who, when he wasn’t in his red bacofoil and crimplene boiler suit, was rarely seen without his wonderfully upbeat rainbow coloured braces. There is [ . . . ] More at The Guardian

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