The Disastrous Shadow Looming Over The Crown Season 2

How a crippling drug addiction brought England to its knees.

There was more than enough interpersonal, romantic, and familial drama in the first season of The Crown to give Peter Morgan’sintellectual exploration of Queen Elizabeth’s first years on the throne a nice, soapy sheen. The sisterly conflict over Princess Margaret’s affair, the insinuations about Philip’s roving eye, and Elizabeth’s strong emotional connection to Lord Carnarvon were all the stuff dynastic family dramas are built on. And while we know there will be no lack of royal tension moving forward—Season 1 very cleverly laid the groundwork for the tumultuous marriage of Charles and Diana, decades later—it’s probable that Season 2 will actually be a good deal more political.

Elizabeth and her country are headed into one of the biggest tests they would ever face. And, sadly, they’ll end up failing it. […]

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