The Rheingans Sisters “After The Bell Rang”

Hudson Records Listening Club

Sunday 25th October – 10.30am

Join Rowan and Anna Rheingans this coming Sunday (25 Oct at 10:30am) as they listen through and discuss their new album, they will be online to chat about the album throughout the listening club so say hello in the comments area. You can watch the live stream on Hudson Records Youtube channel, subscribe, like and follow to receive notifications.

Streaming Link:

The Wonderful Experimental Folk of The Rheingans Sisters

The Rheingans Sisters are one of the rising stars the English folk music scene. Rowan and Anna Rheingans are fiddlers and multi-instrumentalists. They play innovative original music grounded in English folklore as well as ancient fiddle traditions from Scandinavia and southern Europe.

Receiver is evocative, mesmerizing, experimental, bittersweet and hauntingly beautiful, incorporating familiar string sounds along with unexpected drones and ambience.