Beauty during pandemic: dueting Barred Owls

By Laura Sebastianelli

Despite rain (light to medium at times) a pair of of dueting Barred Owls was recorded for over an hour (4:20 – 5:25am) this morning at the edges of west Dyke Marsh and River Towers, Alexandria, VA. This clip features roughly 5 minutes that includes 3 sets of caterwauling — calls described well by Birds of North America Online as “a raucous jumble of cackles, hoots, caws and gurgles.

Laura Sebastinelli

Marantz PMD561, Sennheiser ME66
BAOW 032820 450am 1035 Short Final

A longtime friend of THE HOBBLEDEHOY, Laura Sebastianelli is a naturalist, ecological educator, sound recordist, citizen scientist, and active community member living near Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve
in Alexandria, VA.
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