June Tabor “Strange Affair”

From 2004, June Tabor sings Richard Thompson’s “Strange Affair” with Martin Simpson on guitar 


June Tabor: ‘Will I ever write a song? I would say the answer is no’

June Tabor’s dark, distinctive singing has featured on dozens of records over the past 40-odd years, ranging from raw folk songs in the style of Anne Briggs to high-fidelity jazz and folk-rock. Although her performances are often austere and outwardly serious – a veneer enhanced by the somewhat intense photos of her that often grace the covers of her albums – Tabor is quick to laugh and joke in person. Songs about cannibalism and war give way to stories about annoying the dogs with her singing and her favourite vegetarian restaurant […]

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The Unthanks “Shipbuilding”

From The Unthanks’ fifth album The Songs of Robert Wyatt and Antony & the Johnsons. “Shipbuilding” was written by Elvis Costello, and also covered by Robert Wyatt, June Tabor, and Costello himself on 1983’s Punch the Clock. Becky and Rachel Unthanks’ lovely chamber folk vocals are a perfect fit for Costello’s anti-war lyric. “Is it worth it?” the song begins. Listen.