The Dog’s Dinner: Judy Geeson

Actress Judy Geeson

Judy Geeson

Actress Judy Geeson, circa 1967

3 thoughts on “The Dog’s Dinner: Judy Geeson

  1. What a doll. She was terrific in “Danger UXB,” which ran on PBS here in the states. Many years later, I was working on a sitcom in Hollywood that cast her and the late, great David Warner in guest star roles for an episode, which gave me the chance to tell them both how much I appreciated their work on screen. That was a good day!

    1. From The Pilgrim Papers, Manchester UK 1945: “I was fortunate enough to have a Cockney batman in the army. Had he seen the girl on the bus I feel sure he would have said “Blimey, sir, she’s done up like a dog’s dinner.” Though a Cockney myself I have never been able to see why the phrase should mean “dressed up to the nines” or “dressed to kill.” But I discover now that I don’t know the origin of these two, either, so let us say the girl on the bus was a very glamorous creature.”

      “The Dog’s Dinner” is a category of Hobbledehoy posts usually showing performers in classic photos from earlier decades. Though the expression more often means someone dressed garishly, I prefer it as a compliment. This photo Judy Geeson is hardly glamorous or garish, but certainly very beautiful in a natural way. You’re correct then that it doesn’t quite fit as “The Dog’s Dinner.”


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