“It’s hard to endure the stress that Trump is putting on us”

The Hobbledehoy loved this late night multi-part tweet from retired nuclear scientist Cheryl Rofer. Beautifully stated concern, anger and hope.

“Today seemed worse than the usual Trumpian chaos. One of the difficult things for me is the constant denials of reality by so many. We learned today that more people had brain damage from the Iranian attacks responding to the Soleimani killing. But Trump has shrugged them off. In the bizarro world he has inflicted on us, this may have averted his further movement to war.

The ongoing impeachment trial offers so much denial – in the formal Republican responses, in Joni Ernst’s gleeful electoral prediction, in Lindsey Graham’s rejection of his earlier self.

Too much of the media struggles to maintain a narrative that all is well, just some slight disagreement, as we watch our democracy slip away. The occasional reality surfaces and then submerges, like those concentration camps at the southern border.

The sheer absurdity and reality of a President who consorts with two-bit organized crime figures whose loyalty we do not know, but it’s probably not to the Constitution of the United States.

A Secretary of State who will not talk about what he is doing for the country and curses out the reporter, to be congratulated on his behavior by the President in a frat-boy atmosphere.

And in the background we have North Korea building nuclear missiles, Iran taking steps away from the carefully-crafted agreement Trump has rejected, and a potential pandemic incubating in China.

The temptation to fight with the people around us is rising. It’s hard to endure the stress that Trump is putting on us.

But let’s not do that. There is some good news every day, even if it’s a small personal victory. Find that and magnify it. Share it. Be kind to each other. Pass a good deed forward. Originate that good deed.

Cheryl Rofer is a retired nuclear scientist writing on national security issues, nature, science, and women’s issues. Follow her on Twitter

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