The Askew Sisters new album ‘Enclosure’ and launch tour

This spring sees The Askew Sisters launch their bold and long-awaited new album ‘Enclosure’. Emily and Hazel have become known as two of the foremost performers and interpreters of English folk music. Together they rework and reinterpret songs and balladry to creating breath-taking arrangements, which allow words that are hundreds of years old to resonate profoundly with contemporary audiences. ‘Enclosure’ is inspired by the land enclosure movements as well as wider themes of freedom, captivity and disconnection from the natural world. Five years since their last album, the arrangements and production on ‘Enclosure’ take a new direction for the duo, but the album is still unmistakably the Askew Sisters, featuring gritty cello alongside sweeping fiddles and melodeon, and Hazel’s captivating vocals. The album will be officially launched on May 3rd and the sisters will be on tour across throughout March – May to celebrate, including an official launch at Cecil Sharp House in London on 24th April.

Source: The Askew Sisters new album ‘Enclosure’ and launch tour | Folk Raido UK

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