Goon fans pay tribute to Spike Milligan’s mayhem 

Spike Milligan
Spike Milligan

The Fear of WagesNapoleon’s PianoDr Jekyll and Mr CrunA Sockful of Custard. Spike Milligan devotees will probably recognise these titles of the Goon Show, the series that changed the face of British comedy in the Fifties.

In fact one of the titles is fake, having been created by a pair of fiftysomething fanboys as a tribute to Milligan on the centenary of his birth.

A Sockful of Custard is written and performed by Chris Larner and Jeremy Stockwell and opens on the Fringe. It has been a labour of love, not least because the two men have had no access to any original Milligan material.

Though the “godfather of alternative comedy” left behind a mountain of scripts, poems, memoirs, plays and a…

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