Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay on crabs, yetis and surrealism

LUMP is a collaborative album from Mike Lindsay and Laura Marling. NME talked to the pair about Father John Misty and Kate Bush influences

For a project as dreamy and cerebral as LUMP, its birthplace is an improbable one. On 11 June, 2016, Laura Marling and Tunng‘s Mike Lindsay met for the first time at a bowling alley inside The O2, while the former was supporting Neil Young on his UK arena tour. Just two days later, the pair were in the studio recording what would become a 32-minute collaborative album, and within the week Marling had recorded all her parts.

It’s only now, 22 months on, that the self-titled album has been announced for release via Dead Oceans on June 1. It’s an album informed by the Surrealist Manifesto, Father John Misty and Marling’s six-year-old goddaughter, and the project itself is lovingly depicted by a yeti that the duo insist is LUMP made manifest. “It will continue to create itself from here on,” says the accompanying promo. “Lindsay and Marling will assist it as necessary.” [ . . . ] 

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