Review: Billy Bragg – Bridges Not Walls

A lot has happened politically in the last two years, particularly from a British perspective. First, there was 23rd June 2016 when 51.9% of the participating electorate voted to leave the EU. Then, to top off what can only be described as a tumultuous year, an egomaniacal reality TV star was elected president of the USA.

In times of such uncertainty and instability, there’s one man who can always be depended on to lend his own distinct view to the situation. Folk troubadour and all-round working class hero Billy Bragg has never been one to shy away from the hot topics. Ever since his participation in the Rock Against Racism march as a young teenager in the late ‘70s due to his love of iconic punk band, The Clash, Billy Bragg has been a mainstay of leftist thought in British music, just as likely to appear on Question Time as Top of the Pops [ . . . ]

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