Every Single One of Bubble’s Outfits on ‘Absolutely Fabulous,’ Ranked

With all the talk of an Absolutely Fabulous film of late, Flavorwire has been relishing the opportunity to revisit one of the most consistently hilarious comedies of the last 20 years or so. (It’s not like we really need any excuse, to be honest.) There are many, many things to love about Ab Fab, but somewhere near the top of the list is the, ahem, unique fashion sense of Bubble, Edina’s gloriously ditzy assistant. And so, here is a labor of love: every single outfit Bubble has worn on the show, ranked in definitive order, from awesome to even more awesome [ . . . ]

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The 20 Best British Shows On Netflix

When it comes to television, the Brits know a thing or two about what makes a helluva series. Whether they’re crafting irreverent comedies or pulling together some truly nuanced mysteries, there’s a plethora of incredible English content out there just waiting for you to watch.

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How Peter Sellers and ‘The Goon Show’ Paved the Way for the Comedy Podcast

Celebrating Peter Sellers’s birthday by taking a look at The Goon Show’s massive impact on comedic podcasting.

In the wake of the Second World War, a small group of British comics knit the world back together with a revolutionary brand of comedy. The Goon Show—the BBC radio comedy child of Spike Milligan (the show’s primary writer), Harry Secombe, and Peter Sellers—has left a huge fingerprint on comedy as a whole. However, the most wide-ranging influence of the show can be found in the medium it was originally presented in: radio. Going further than radio, you can definitely see the influence in your favorite comedy podcast from Earwolf and other podcast networks. Seriously, what The Goon Show did for comedy broadcasting cannot be overstated.

But let’s step back. Before we see how the show has influenced the radio medium sixty years later, we have to know what the show really was. The Goon Show was a thirty-minute scripted comedy program that aired between 1951 and 1960. It was the impetus for Peter Sellers’s comedy career and many of Spike Milligan’s nervous breakdowns. The three actors would voice multiple characters throughout each episode, playing one leading character each, along with multiple background characters. In this way Sellers honed his skills in [ . . . ] More at Film School Rejects: https://filmschoolrejects.com/peter-sellers-goon-show-paved-way-comedy-podcast/#ixzz4s1WzSFdn


How did The Prisoner ever get made?

The mysterious ‘Village’, an evil weather balloon. As ‘The Prisoner’ turns 50, Matthew Sweet revisits one of TV’s strangest seriesIt’s a Friday night in September 1967. You’ve switched on ITV. What do you see? A sullen sky. A broad horizon. A road to nowhere. A wasp-coloured Lotus 7 roars towards the camera, past the landmarks of Whitehall and into an underground car park. The driver, a handsome fury in a charcoal-grey turtleneck and blazer, storms through a door marked “way out” and into the office of a superior, where he bellows and rants and disturbs the tea-things with his fist.You’ve probably seen him before. It’s Patrick McGoohan. The actor [ . . . ] More at source: How did The Prisoner ever get made?