Bert Jansch Acoustic Routes


  • Billy Connolly (Narrator)
  • Bert Jansch
  • Brownie McGhee
  • Albert Lee
  • Ralph McTell
  • Davy Graham
  • Anne Briggs
  • Jacqui McShee
  • Martin Carthy
  • John Renbourne
  • Wizz Jones
  • Al Stewart
  • Hamish Imlach
  • Archie Fisher
  • Peter Kirtley
  • Duck Baker

The acclaimed music film documentary ACOUSTIC ROUTES tells the story of seminal guitarist and singer Bert Jansch, from his early days in Edinburgh, Scotland, to becoming the acoustic guitarist that everyone wanted to be. As a teenager, in the early 1960’s Bert sat at the feet of Brownie McGhee at the Howff Folk Club in Edinburgh mesmerized by ‘Key to the Highway’. Armed with that raw American Blues influence and a bewildering technique, he fashioned sublime interpretations of traditional and blues music on the acoustic guitar. The result was music that had a profound influence on a generation of musicians including Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Neil Young, and it still inspires todays’ generation of guitarists and singers. – IMBD

Acoustic Routes was first screened on BBC 2 Network, and nominated as Best Arts Film by BAFTA Scotland in 1993.

The film was invited to the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, the Leipzig Documentary Festival and the Sofia Music Film Festival.