A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey is a 1961 British film adaptation of the 1958 play of the same name by Shelagh Delaney. Delaney wrote the screenplay with director Tony Richardson, who had directed the play on the stage. It is an exemplar of a gritty genre of British film that has come to be called kitchen sink realism.

The film opened on 15 September 1961 at the Leicester Square Theatre in London’s West End

A. H. Weiler of The New York Times gave a positive review, stating “In being transported out of the theatre, this “Honey” has been enriched.”

Acress Rita Tushingham said in 2020, “A lot of the reaction was, ‘People like that don’t exist’ – by which they meant homosexuals, single mothers and people in mixed-race relationships [the film was the first to show an inter-racial kiss]. But they did.”

The film was banned in several countries. [source: Wikipedia]