Shit Trump Says: “suffer the consequences”

August 1, 2014

Another ‘oldie but goodie” from the leader of the Trump Crime Family, displaying the very qualities Jesus Christ preached his Sermon on the Mount.

Is it any wonder Trump is the presidential choice of 60% of “devout” American Catholics?

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4 thoughts on “Shit Trump Says: “suffer the consequences”

  1. How can the Catholics can support him? He made a mockery of religion during what was suppose to be a prayer breakfast but kept his head down, looked very uncomfortable and did no pray. He did however, rant about those who were out to get him. I might add that his father was a K. K. K. leader, that flies in the face of moral dignity, of one of many character flaws he has. He has only one agenda, doing and saying things that matter to only him. He is a shell of a man with no compass at all. He has taken a good country and made it the laughing stock of the world. Whispers of Mussolini and Hitler in his speeches that are frightening and listening to him, sound very real.

  2. It sounds like you’re following Trump’s play book. Did these statistics come out of thin air? 60% of devout Catholics? But if it’s repeated often enough, people will believe it, I guess.

    1. Take heart – the number of self identifying devout Catholics MUST be declining given what has been revealed about Church officials in the last few years. That’s one group where voters for Trump would be falling.

  3. Linda Mullins, thank you for posting.

    The opinion poll sited was conducted by the conservative Catholic cable network EWTN. The polling found that Trump is in a stronger position amongst Catholics in general than he was a year ago.

    A significant 59% of “devout Catholics” (their term, not the Hobbledehoy’s) intend to vote for Trump, according to the poll, while he has an approval rating of 63% among them.


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